Startup Names

Startup names are a curious bunch. They come in many different styles, patterns and lengths. What combines them is a certain flair of individuality and creativity. Startups often want to be seen as a dynamic, fresh company with innovative business culture. Many of them utilize catchy names to convey this image. ›››

Brandable Domain Names

In addition to obvious startup domain names, we also have unique domain names for technology solutions and services, Internet-based businesses, media companies, and more. Currently, all of our names are dot coms in order to ensure a solid, trustworthy infrastructure for your online presence now and in the future. ›››

Est. 2014

StartupNameShop had a soft launch on June 2, 2014. There's still a lot to be done but the essential core of our business, i.e. to offer great startup names at fair prices, is already there. We utilize our in-depth knowledge about languages, branding and domain name space to be able to offer excellent yet affordable names for startups.